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Is Parasailing feasible in Jaisalmer?

Yes, without a doubt! You are welcome to go Parasailing in Jaisalmer, If You want to know about Jaisalmer Tour Package. where you may do it amid the 30-to-60-foot tall beach stacks that are part of the Sam agreement. These areas are about forty kilometers apart from Jaisalmer. The place is most often visited by tourists so that they may participate in the sport of parasailing. If you have a strong desire to explore the desert and flaxen landscapes from an audacious standpoint, though, you shouldn’t skip out on the adventurous activity of Parasailing in Jaisalmer since it’s a great way to get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape. Parasailing in Jaisalmer, the only thing that will set this sport apart from others like it is the fact that your parachute will be tied to a moving vehicle the whole time.
Because of the emptiness of the huge fields of open terrain in Jaisalmer, this city is considered to be one of the chicest settings for participating in this venue activity.
When the wind picks up, the stacks, majestic palaces, runways, and golden beach strips of Jaisalmer all come together to create breathtaking views. that’s why don’t miss Parasailing in Jaisalmer.
The fifteen twinkles of gliding at a safe height under the supervision of a competent crew is not only the most peculiar experience, but it is also the one that provides the highest level of safety.
The troops will film magnificent moments of you flying over the sky on DVD for you to take back with you so that you have a wealth of memories to take with you when you go. Pick up your phone and make a call at 9306323868 to book Jaisalmer’s parasailing package.
Therefore, if you are interested in having an experience that will last a lifetime and want to bring your vacation to the next level, you should get your rapid evidence pasteboard from Meotrips Parasailing in Jaisalmer at the most expensive price available online.

About the active

You’ll be picked up from your Sam resort at about 9:00 P.M, To begin your excursion Parasailing in Jaisalmer. You’ll arrive at the (parasailing in Jaisalmer) position in Kanoi, Rajasthan. The exertion will be led by a competent schoolteacher and will be carried out with all necessary safety outfits. While parasailing for 5 twinkles, you’ll be suitable to get a 360- degree perspective of the megacity. Fly 100 bases below ground position to see the megacity’s stunning geographies, castles, and various alleyways. Return to your resort with fond remembrances. you will have the world’s best memories with Jaisalmer parasailing package.


Parasailing in Jaisalmer allows any passenger’s outside weight shall not to exceed 100 kg. The package includes a Jeep ParaSail, as well as outfit and safety gear. This exercise is open to everyone over the age of five. Call & Whatsapp 9306323868