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miracle of tanot mata mandir

History of Tanot Mata Mandir Bomb At the Tanot Mata shrine in the beautiful village of Tanot, near Jaisalmer, folklore, religious practice, and strange things happen. The faithfulness and unwavering faith of the people in the area are woven into the very structure of this temple.
Old texts about the Charan people say that this holy site is where the goddess Hinglaj Mata shows herself. Tourists who go to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan must see this old building. A beautiful temple is close to a place where India and Pakistan fought hard from 1965 to 1971. The Jawans who live in the area around the temple has a rich and interesting history that they are happy to tell visitors about. This is the best way I know to find out about one of the temple’s many legends and stories. The Border Security Force (BSF) built a museum close to the temple to honor the temple’s long and illustrious history with the Indian military. The beautiful drive from Jaisalmer to the temple is another reason to visit this religious site. People who have been there saying that the route is full of beautiful views of the scenery. Golden sand dunes, camels, goats, camps, and people dressed in the bright colors of Rajasthani culture make for beautiful views. And, of course, there are the beautiful windmills and the Dhabas where you can get some great food.
When you get to the temple, you will be amazed by how holy and clean it is. The place has its own atmosphere, and it is often this feeling that convinces skeptics to become devoted followers of the supreme force. Visitors have said that this temple’s unique parts really caught their attention. There have also been miracles both inside and outside of this shrine. It’s not hard to see why so many people keep coming back to this shrine. In 847 AD, work on the Tanot Mata Temple began and went on until it was finished. At the same time, a picture of the god was also put up. When Bhati Rajput King Tanu Rao made Tanot the capital of his kingdom, he built this temple there. Before 1965, when the BSF took over, maintenance was done by the RAC. There are a lot of interesting stories about this shrine. The most talked-about part of the temple’s history, though, is a miracle that happened during the Indo-Pakistani Wars in 1965. In this version of the story, Pakistan and India worked together in the military to drop more than 3,000 bombs on the temple. The Pakistani army dropped 3,000 bombs, but neither the shrine nor the Indian soldiers who were protecting it were hurt. During the War of 1971, only one company of the Border Security Force (BSF) stood between India and Pakistan’s surprise attack. What You Must See

Interesting places close to the Tanot Mata Temple –

Near the Tanot Mata Temple are a number of places that could be interesting to tourists.

Raja Jaisal built the beautiful Jaisalmer Fort in the year 1156. The Jaisalmer Fort is known as the Golden Fort because it was built with beautiful gold and yellow sandstones. It is also one of the largest forts in the world.

There is about a two-hour difference between visiting the Jaisalmer Fort and the Tanot Mata Temple.

We don’t have to tell you about the Thar Desert because everyone knows about it. When you go to the desert, you have to ride a camel, sleep out under the stars, and go dune bashing. Rajasthani dance shows, dune bashing, camel safaris, and vehicle safaris are all popular activities at the night camps in the Thar Desert.

Don’t miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets while you’re in Thar. The temple is 120 km away from the desert.

Near the Jaisalmer Fort, you can see the beautiful Gadisar Lake. It is known all over the world for its rich history, beautiful scenery, and great buildings.

It was first built by Raja Rawal Jaisal, but Maharawal Garsi made changes to it in the year 1367 A.D. The neighborhood is also home to the famous Folklore Museum and the historic Tilon Ki Pol gate.

From the temple to the lake is about 120 km, which takes about two hours to drive.

Kuldhara is a ghost town that is known for its interesting ruins and the historical importance of its ruins. The town’s state minister, Mr. Salim Singh, allegedly wanted to marry the chief’s daughter and said that if the chief didn’t agree, the whole village would have to deal with the consequences.

People didn’t listen to the minister’s pleas, and as they left, they cursed the land so that people would never live there again.

This once-bustling town has become famous because of stories about strange things that happen there. From the temple to the place you want to go, it takes almost two hours.

The Thar Heritage Museum is right in the middle of the town’s main market. Its popularity may be in part because of how well it shows the history, culture, and architecture of the huge Thar Desert.

This museum has a fun puppet show every day that people won’t want to miss. It is 120 kilometers from the temple from where it is now.